Piano Theory and Technique: Facility Policy
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Facility Policies

Teaching Facility
Lessons are taught in my home, which is not child-proof.  Children are welcome as long as they are supervised by a parent (not a sibling).   The teacher cannot teach and watch unattended children. 

Waiting students and waiting parents may quietly wait in our living room.

Any damage in our home by you or whomever you bring into our home is fully your responsibility.

Feel free to  park in the driveway. Please do leave enough walk-way on the driveway for everyone’s use.

Please be on time for your lesson.  Please do not  come early as I may not be home or may be busy with another student or another project.  When you arrive, please ring the bell and then come in. If you are late, your lesson time will be whatever time remains.  If I am late, you will receive the full  lesson. 


No deadline on a dream.



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