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Studio Equipment
The studio houses two fine grand pianos, a digital piano, and a concert harp. 

Fingernails should be clipped and polish-free to play on these superior instruments.  Jewelry should be removed and placed into the waiting dish beside the pianos.  Thank you for respecting this exceptional equipment.

Your equipment
An acoustic piano is best.  Please place it in a non-traffic area of your home away from the TV and other disruptions. 

Students also needs an adjustable bench or chair if possible, good lighting, and a working metronome.

Please have your acoustic  piano tuned a minimum of twice a year.  (The studio pianos are tuned 4 times a year!)  Contact information and phone numbers of reputable piano technicians can be made available to you.  You can always go on line to www.ptg.org (Piano Technicians Guild) for names and numbers of Registered Piano Technicians (RPTs).


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Your Piano Studio
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