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Dr. Judith Siegel, NCTM
Dr. Judith Siegel, NCTM


Dr. Siegel, a native of Richmond, Virginia, has been teaching piano, music history, theory, technique, and pedagogy to students and teachers of all ages and levels for over 50 years. She has been tested repeatedly to prove she remains current in the field as well as professional and ethical. She is also state certified in both Florida and her home state of Virginia. State Certifications were eliminated so she became Nationally Certified.

After being nationally Certified for 15 years, Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) awarded Dr. Judith S. Siegel, NCTM, the coveted permanent Professional Certification.

"She has been identified as a highly qualified teacher who has repeatedly met and maintained nationally accepted standards. She is further commended for demonstrating professionalism and long-standing work in the field of music education," said Kenneth Christensen, Chair of the National Certification Commission.

Dr. Siegel was president of the Brevard County Music Teachers Association in Florida for eight years and president of the Richmond Music Teachers Association in Virginia for two years. She is now an officer in Greater Marietta Music Teacher Association.

Dr. Siegel supports the following associations and foundations:

  • The Music Link Foundation
  • Music Teachers National Association
  • Georgia Music Teachers Association
  • Greater Marietta Music Teachers Association
  • Cobb County Music Teachers Association
  • Piano Olympics
  • American College of Musicians
  • Comprehensive Performance Examinations
  • Other worthy adjuciation opportunities

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