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Adjudication opportunities are available if you EARN the right to be in them by completing the required work.  Each adjudication has a participating fee set by the sponsoring organization.  Dr. Siegel does not set or receive any of these fees; she only collects and forwards them. She donates her time to these valuable programs. Your participation is encouraged.

Student Recitals
Recitals are often joint with other teachers through Greater Marietta Music Teachers Association (GMMTA) of which Dr. Siegel is President-elect.  These take place at Piano Distributions on Cobb Parkway (most of the time) 3 or 4 times a season.  Your participation is encouraged.

Practice should be daily; quality of practice is much more important than quantity of time practiced.   Remember Mind Spent not Time Spent. Always begin with your technical exercises.  If you have not had time to practice, that does not mean you should miss your lesson.  There is always something you can learn when we work together, even if it was not your specific assignment.


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